Letter to the thesis advisor

Letter to the thesis advisor

This letter summarizes what many thesis students want to say to their tutors or thesis advisers. Sure you will feel identified.

Dear adviser

I know that my thesis is not perfect, but keep in mind the following:

  • When we have a meeting I get so scared that my hands sweat, my mind goes blank, I say inconsistencies and I seem not to do anything studied.
  • When I leave the meeting I get a headache, digestive problems and I even have nightmares or I can not sleep.
  • Sometimes I make mistakes that are obvious to you, but for me they are complicated.
  • I am the person most interested in finishing the thesis, but I need constant guidance.
  • I did not know the APA Standards, I did not know that in addition to doing all the activities related to the thesis I had to master this complicated manual.
  • When I do not deliver the corrections correctly, it’s because I do not really understand what he asks of me.
  • Every time he answers me rudely for my mistakes I feel bad and I think that my thesis is not important and that I do not know how to do anything.
  • I think about it as much as I think about my partner, trying to do my best, but sometimes I’m just wrong.

In addition to you I have pressure at home where they ask me: When will the degree?

For all these reasons, I would appreciate a little more patience, understanding and help because at this rate I will not delay in going to vocational guidance to choose a new career.

Remember that you can download “The Thesis Manual” so that you can complete your thesis process quickly and very professionally.