What you did not know about your research hypothesis?

What you did not know about your research hypothesis?

What are they?

They are tentative explanations of the phenomenon investigated.

They are the means by which the formulation of the research problem is answered and the objectives are operationalized.

The hypotheses are not necessarily true, may or may not be true, and may or may not be verified with data.

When they used?

Hypotheses are formulated when the research wants to prove a supposition and not only show the characteristic features of a certain situation.

Hypotheses are formulated in investigations that seek to test the impact that some variables have on each other, or the effect of one trait or variable in relation to another (a).

Do all types of research require one?

The formulation of a hypothesis depends on the scope of the study:

  • Research of a descriptive nature does not require the formulation of hypotheses; It is enough to ask some research questions. Unless their scope is descriptive, but they try to forecast a figure or a fact.
  • In the case of experimental, correlational and explanatory research, it is always necessary to start from hypotheses that will guide the respective study.

What types of hypotheses are there?

Research hypothesis Hi: tentative propositions about the possible relationships between two or more variables.

Hypothesis null Ho: propositions that deny or refute the relationship between variables.

Alternative hypotheses Ha: are different or “alternative” possibilities before the research hypothesis and null.


Topic: research on the determinants of poverty in Mexico.

Research hypothesis Hi: the main cause of poverty in Mexico is unemployment.

Hypothesis null Ho: poverty is not determined by unemployment.

Alternative hypothesis Ha: the main cause of poverty in Mexico is the lack of education.

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